Please Read: We're Moving Soon!

For those seeking to contact me, please be advised that I will be moving from New York to Kentucky during May, 2017 and expect to pull out of New York on May 2nd.  Although Verizon doesn't service the Danville, KY area I'm moving to, they have assured me that my regular email, which is now run by AOL as many are aware, will still be functional. 

My immediate problem in Kentucky will be finding another Internet provider after my Verizon account closes April 30th. 

If you find it necessary during this "downtime"  to contact me, you can call my cell phone which will remain active. The number is:  716-628-2526.  If no answer, leave a message and I'll call back within a reasonable amount of time. Bear with me since this is an extremely busy time in preparing for the move and all the things that need to be done, as you're aware.

I probably don't have to tell anyone that not much, if anything, is going to get done at this site addition/revision wise until after we get settled in beautiful Kentucky.   Thanks!

Larry Wack