Delf A. "Jelly" Bryce, far left, & members of the Albuquerque PD at the Franklin home in 1954Special Agent George H.  Franklin of the Oklahoma Field Office was highly instrumental in convincing the legendary marksman, "Jelly" Bryce to join the FBI in 1934 from the Oklahoma City Police Department.   Franklin's son, George,  is alive today and is in possession of many photos of his father and Bryce who became good friends over the years.  Some of these Bryce photos he donated to this site are in the photo section of the navigation area.

SA Franklin also played a significant role in recruiting Clarence Hurt into the FBI in May, 1934 from the same department. 

As you'll note, Bryce's application was made in May, 1934 and the Bureau had already entered the "gangster era."  Agents who were outstanding with firearms were rapidly needed.  Bryce, having only a high school degree was accepted and entered FBI training in November, 1934 according to FOIA records.   SA Franklin handled much of Bryce's background investigation.  

Like many other Agents who entered the Bureau as "exceptions" to the regular educational requirements, Bryce went on to enjoy an outstanding career in the FBI and became one of the known legendary marksmen of the time.   He is currently survived by two sons and a granddaughter that we're aware of.

Obtained from an FOIA request, see Bryce's application and more.  CLICK HERE

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