Winstead's 1925 Application Photo (foia)In 2010, we submitted an FOIA request to the FBI which was very limited in nature.  We only asked for his Bureau application (with photos) and his "property card" which would have revealed the weapons issued to him from the Bureau.  We were advised that NO property card was located in Winstead's file and unlike during my own career, it's unknown at this time whether "property cards" as we knew them were utilized in the '30s.   Additionally, for information, we were advised that although Winstead's credential photo was in file, his actual credentials were not.  It is possible these, along with others, were periodically destroyed years ago under routine FBI/Government destruction programs. 

Winstead's 1925 Bureau application is here.

A note about his photo:  The photo you see here is the same photo on page one of this site.  In this case, the staple marks were purposely left.  In the photo on page one, the staple marks were removed for us by Mr. Dave Edwards. 

Winstead's 1935 "update" application presents more detail about his previous positions in law enforcement and elsewhere than the '25 application.  It has been determined that many Agents during the '30s were required to "re-submit" updated applications .  We're not exactly sure why these "updates" were required but we're looking into it.   One simple explanation is that the 1935 application forms were changed/updated from the earlier ones, giving more detail about the Agent's background which the Bureau wanted on record for those already serving.   

Winstead's 1935 "update" is here  (Note:  This document updates his already existing information in file.  This is not to be interpreted as a "re-application" for his current Agent position.)