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Very little has been covered over the years with regard to the FBI men of the Depression Era.  Some have been mentioned over the years but merely a name here and there appearing in books, articles and more recently, the highly inaccurate movie "Public Enemies."  While there were FBI men before and after them, the 1930s era launched a young J. Edgar Hoover and his agents into areas never expected and impacting both federal and local law enforcement forever. 

I'm hoping we can memorialize these Agents in their biographies, their photos  and their exploits.  At the same time, give some pictorial evidence of a young FBI and the conditions in which these men worked.  Hopefully in some instances, we can set the record straight too.  Our efforts continue each year to find the surviving relatives of these men to get their perspective on their fathers and grandfathers.

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Larry Wack

Retired Special Agent, FBI (1968-2003)