Hollywood silent movie star, Warner Baxter, is best known for his late 1920's role as "The Cisco Kid."  More about his career can be found at this link.   

As you'll note from the background of Baxter,  "In his spare time Baxter was a tinkerer and inventor who as reported by Popular Mechanics in 1935 co-created a revolver-searchlight which would cast a light on a target and allow a marksman to fire at it through the dark.  Later he invented a radio-controlled device that would allow police and firemen to change traffic signals from up to two blocks away in order to better guarantee them safe passage through intersections."

A 1935 FBI document corroborates Baxter's role in the invention of what was described as "The Automatic Nite Sight." In this found document you'll see the details of the description and how it works.  My own review of the file does not reveal any photos or drawings submitted to the Los Angeles FBI office, nor whether the Bureau actually purchased the newly invented sight.  Further research would be needed in this regard.

This document reveals the initial proposal of the new invention to the Bureau in January, 1935.  Note the letterhead of the Los Angeles office revealing the name change from "Bureau Of Investigation" to "Division Of Investigation" earlier.

By the end of January, the name would be changed again to "Federal Bureau Of Investigation."

The document can be seen here. 

Collectors and firearms enthusiasts are welcomed to contact us with additional information as to what the outcome was of the invention and whether it was ever adopted by law enforcement.  We'll try to post some of your comments here.