Thomas Frank Baughman, also commonly known as "Frank" Baughman was born in Washington, D. C. but spent his early school days in Kentucky, home of his father.  He joined the Bureau Of Investigation in 1919.  More about Baughman is seen at this site with a simple "search" including his bio and other photos.  Researchers can also find additonal information on Baughman at

You'll note that Baughman lists on his Bureau application, J. Edgar Hoover as a reference.  Both Baughman and Hoover attended college together at George Washington University, Washington, D. C.  In later years, Hoover would be his best man at his wedding.  Readers should note that Hoover did not become Director of the Bureau Of Investigation (later FBI) until 1924 so Baughman's friendship with him obviously preceeds this.  

Other than released FBI files, readers will not find much written about Baughman. In a way, his name has been lost to history. His role in the Bureau as an administrator and adviser to Hoover with regards to firearms matters can be seen in numerous documents.  Along with SAC, John Keith, (another somewhat forgotten figure) Baughman played a monumental role in setting up firearms training for the Bureau in 1933, in coordination with the U. S. Army and War Department, that cannot be underestimated. His tireless efforts in this regard began just weeks after the infamous Kansas City Massacre which cost the lives of local officers and a Bureau agent. Upon leaving his administration role in the early 1930's, he spent his career as a Bureau firearms instructor, along with Keith and others, until his retirement from the FBI.  

Baughman's name is known to many Smith and Wesson collectors for his design of the ramp front site for the .357 Registered Magnum. He died in Florida in 1971 and to this day, very little is known about his own handguns and who possesses them. 

Click here to see Baughman's Bureau application of 1919.