I wanted to take a moment here to thank those below for their valuable assistance over the last few years with regard to multiple subject matters in this site.  Whether contributing a picture or answering a small question or even giving an opinion, their time is most appreciated.  And a special thanks to Dr.John Fox, current FBI Historian.  There is no significance to the order in which all are listed.

Law Enforcement

  • Retired Deputy Director of the FBI & Hoover's #3 Man, Cartha "Deke" Deloach.  Author of "Hoover's FBI; The Inside Story" who was instrumental on insight with Hoover and others. He passed away in 2014.
  • Former FBI Special Agent, Don Omodt, Who Retired As Hennepin County Sheriff, for his continuous research efforts in locating biographical info.  
  •  The many members of the Society Of Former FBI Agents who periodically provide me with their recollections of various men and incidents, in addition to information on their 1930's fathers, some of whom appear on this site.



John Fox, Current FBI Historian - See The FBI's Website For More History.

Ms. Susan Rosenfeld, prior FBI Historian

Retired FBI Special Agent, Brian Holstein, FBI Oral History Project 

Retired FBI Special Agent, Ray Batvinis - Professor of history, author and current historian for the Society. 



Rick Mattix :

Longtime researcher and historical consultant to television documentaries, including A&E Biography episodes on Ma Barker and Bonnie and Clyde, and several Capone and Dillinger programs; Author of numerous articles on Twenties and Thirties crime;

Contributor to Tracie Hill's book Thompson: The American Legend (St. Valentine's Day Massacre chapter) and to expanded edition of Dillinger: The Untold Story by G. Russell Girardin and William J. Helmer;

Coauthor, with Bill Helmer of: Public Enemies America's Criminal Past, 1919-1940 and The Complete Public Enemy Almanac (about to be released by Cumberland House.

Mr. Mattix was the publisher of On the Spot, a new quarterly mail-order journal on crime and crime control in the 20s and 30s.

Rick Mattix passed away in October, 2010 after illness at the age of 57.  May he rest in peace.


Sandy Jones:

Mr. Sandy Jones has been an avid collector of 1930s outlaw memorabilia for almost 40 years. As a researcher & historian, Mr. Jones has compiled quite an extensive data base on the subject. Mr. Jones owns a private museum called The John Dillinger Historical Society and Outlaw Museum containing such items as John Dillinger’s car, handwritten poems by Bonnie Parker, artwork by Machine Gun Kelly and much more.


Bill Helmer

Mr. Helmer has an MA in history at U of Texas (Austin),  and authored The Gun That Made the Twenties Roar (history of the Thompson submachine gun).  He spent 25 years (up to senior editor) at Playboy in Chicago.  He authored or co-authored John Dillinger: The Untold Story, Public Enemies, Baby Face Nelson, St. Valentine's Day Massacre, proof-reading galleys for The Complete Public Enemies Almanac, with Rick Mattix., to be published in about a month.


Brian Burrough - Author of "Public Enemies" one of the most thorough books about the Gmen and gangsters of the 30's. And, from my home state of New Jersey.


Ron Morgan - Author of "The Tri State Terror" The Life & Crimes Of Wilbur Underhill in addition to others;  well recognized historian of Southwest Law Enforcement.


 Ms. Ellen Poulsen - Author of "Don't Call Us Molls - Women Of The John Dillinger Gang. " 


Tony Stewart - Author, and historical consultant to several televised documentaries, which include: History Channel, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel and The Learning Channel. He also produced a PBS special for the Torrance California Community on crime prevention.

In his spare time is enjoys collecting rare memorabilia, and is the founder of the Dillinger Times group.


Experts In Historical Weapons:

Rick Nahas

Dave Ballantyne

Gordon Herigstad

Tim Mullins - .357 Magnum

Kevin Williams; Past Historian, Colt Collectors Assn.; kevin@kwill.com


Recommended For Reading & Information.  No significance to the order listed. 

"The FBI; A Comprehensive Reference Guide" Oryx Press, 1999, Edited by Athan G. Theoharis with Tony G. Poveda, Susan Rosenfeld, and Richard Gid Powers

"Society Of Former Special Agents Of The FBI" by Turner Publishing

"The Real J. Edgar Hoover - For The Record" by Retired Special Agent, Ray Wannall

"Public Enemies" by Bryan Burrough

"Hoover's FBI; The Inside Story." by Cartha "Deke" Deloach, Hoover's #3 Man

"The Tri State Terror" The Life & Crimes Of Wilbur Underhill by Ron Morgan

Dillinger: The Untold Story by Russ Giardin and Bill Helmer

"The Complete Public Enemy Almanac" by Rick Mattix and Bill Helmer.

"Don't Call Us Molls: Women Of The John Dillinger Gang" by Ellen Poulsen