dillinger squad

The "Dillinger Squad" of Chicago's FBI Office:

Finding photos of the Agents of Chicago, FBI and the 30's in general is becoming ever more difficult, short of filing hundreds of FOIA requests and waiting perhaps years to receive them.  This collage of photos was put together by now retired FBI Special Agent Steve Markardt while employed at FBI Headquarters writing FBI historical articles.  Before his untimely death in 2010, retired SA Jeff Moss donated a copy he had.  It is perhaps one of the best group collages of the Dillinger Squad as it was in 1934.   It's probably the only collage of such nature in existence.  You'll see SA Jim Metcalfe's poem here and Metcalfe is further discussed in the "navigation" area of this website.  There are other Agents who came and went as manpower needs changed.  We address as many as possible in our "Biographies" section of the navigation column.

It should be noted that Supervisory Special Agent, Virgil Peterson is missing from this collage.