SA Clarence Hurt, (left) with Karpis 1936

Clarence O. Hurt entered the FBI, along with Delf A. "Jelly" Bryce from the Oklahoma City Police Department.  "Jerry" Campell also entered the FBI from that Department and photos reveal that Hurt and Campbell were in the same training class in May, 1934.  Hurt participated in many of the high profile cases of the Gangster Era including the shooting (along with SAs Winstead & Hollis) of Dillinger, the capture of Alvin Karpis and more. 

There's no doubt at this point in FBI history that Hurt, Campbell, and Bryce were specifically hired by the FBI during that 1933-1934 because of their shooting abilities.  You'll notice all of their applications show only a high school education.  There were multiple Agents hired at that time from various local law enforcement agencies because of their shooting abilities however, it is unclear at this time who all of them were. 

FBI files reveal Hurt had initially applied to the Bureau in 1925, however, not enough documents were obtained from this FOIA request  to determine what happen with that application.  He applied again in 1933, which was accepted,  and you can

view his application here. 

Hurt is shown with other Detectives and FBI Agents in 1933 in the photo gallery of this site and his biography can be found in the "biography" section.  He is survived by a daughter who resides in Oklahoma.  His son, Jack, passed away in 2009.