This video was provided by an old friend, FBI Special Agent Terry McGinnis now retired.  It depicts a June 20, 1947 FBI firearms training session in Weldon Springs, MO according to Terry.  There is NO audio to this however the faces of the men are very clear for identification.  Hopefully we can get some of the men identified in the near future.

In 2011, retired Special Agent, "Bob" Frye identified several of the Agents in the film.  His email states: 


Your Name: Alan R.(Bob) Frye

Subject: 1947 FBI Training Video

Message: My Bureau career was from 1951-1958. I was assigned to the St. Louis Office from 1952-55. In viewing the subject training film, I recognized several SAs. At approximately 25 seconds into the video, Hugh Small appears wearing a white T-shirt, and no hat. He has a good set of hair. At approximately 70 seconds, Bob Meigs appears in a white T-shirt and no hat. He is rather thin. Bob also appears about 3 minutes into the video. At about 3min.20 seconds, John Poelker appears wearing a straw hat. He later appears smoking a cigar. After retiring from the Bureau, John Poelker was an auditor with the City of St. Louis and later was elected as the Mayor.


If you know of others who were Agents during the period of 1947 or who had fathers or relatives, please advise them of this video so they too can obtain it make an attempt to see if relatives are present here.

Even if you don't know anyone on the video, it's a great piece of FBI history to have!

Viewing:  In view of its size, we have had to move the video to another server.  Click on: this link should take you to the video.  If it appears it's been removed, please let us know.  I do apologize for the advertising at the "storage" locatioin.