The Memoirs Of SA Charles Winstead

If ever there was a legendary "character" in the early Bureau, Winstead was at the top of the list.  An apparent "rebel" all his life he was expelled from a private school as a young man and in his memoirs, speaks of being disciplined within the FBI at least three times, the last forcing him to retire.

Winstead's application to the Bureau and expense diary entries can be found in the navigation section.

What really was not well known was Winstead's long standing friendship with Associate Director, William Sullivan, even into their retirement days.  Sullivan himself was forced into retirement by Director Hoover who accused him basically of insubordination. 

Winstead was active with the Albuquerque Chapter of the Society Of Former FBI Agents and his application to the Bureau, some expense records and more are noted on this site.

A couple of years back, 2 retired FBI Agents traveled to the Red River Museum, Sherman, Texas at our request and secured copies of Winstead's memoirs, and other letters thanks to the gracious assistance of Marcia Rolbiecki, Museum Director.  Winstead's memoirs is a fascinating account of what life was like in the early law enforcement and FBI circles and is something everyone should read.  The originals remain at the museum in Sherman, Texas.

What we did learn in 2009 from Winstead's step-daughter, Patricia Jones,  is that it actually was former FBI Associate Director, William Sullivan who was transcribing Winstead's memoirs for him which were dictated by Winstead onto a tape.  Winstead died in 1973, and Sullivan was killed in New Hampshire in 1977 during a hunting accident after he had retired.  The manuscript was never really finished. 

On and off for several years, we have been seeking the whereabouts of Sullivan's son to determine if his father left behind any documents etc. regarding his continued friendship with Winstead.  So far, efforts have fallen by the wayside.

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You can read/download Winstead's memoirs here.

Read Hoover's commendation to Winstead here regarding the Dillinger Shooting

The FBI's disciplinary transfer letter to SA Charles Winstead

Winstead turns down the transfer and resigns from the FBI