Among Others, Shotgun Ammo Purchase - 1933

Among Others, Shotgun Ammo Purchase - 1933


The FBI's First Shotgun & Carry Case

Immediately after the Kansas City Massacre in June, 1933 (and long before any 1934 Federal gun legislation) Director Hoover and his Executive committee enhanced the limited amount of weaponry that already existed in the field offices since the 1920s.  

As seen in these documents, with regard to the shotgun, it's apparent that the Bureau's first purchases of such from Remington were no doubt the Model 31 and the document relative to the construction of the carrying case in 1935 explicitly shows that.  This is the first known construction of such a case for the Bureau's new shotguns. In all likelihood, the drawing and specs were prepared by SA Frank Baughman or FBI Inspector/SAC, John Keith, both on the Committee and both known to be two of the first firearms instructors.  Most carrying cases of the day were constructed initially by the Kansas City Trunk Company, Kansas, although bids were taken from other companies.  Readers can check the "Navigation" column for more info on "carrying cases."

Remington's website reveals the Model 31 reigned from 1931 until about 1941 when discontinued due to cost factors. It was followed by Model 870 circa 1950/51. The 870 is widely used today in law enforcement and has been since the 1950s.  

Readers can see the evolving early beginnings with Remington's Model 31 and the FBI's adoption of it here. The Bureau's first shotgun "hard carry case" is mentioned therein.

As a side note and tragically, former Inspector and SAC, John M. Keith, resigned from the FBI in 1936 for other employment.  He took his own life in 1938, due to continued illness.  He was survived by a wife and daughter.

33 shoulder distribution.png

This September, 1933 document reveals the serial numbers of (among other firearms) the Bureau's shotguns purchased.  This finding probably is the Bureau's first purchase or at least, one of the first.  By all rights, although not shown, these serial numbers should be for the Remington model 31's acquired by the Bureau.