SA James Metcalfe

SA James Metcalfe

On a Fall day in 1934, SA James Metcalfe had a guardian angel standing next to him; the same day that later cost the lives of Inspector Samuel Cowley and SA Herman Hollis.

Shortly before the fatal shootout with Cowley and Hollis, SA Metcalfe,  SA Charles Winstead and SA C. E. McRae staked out the Hobart Hermanson house in Lake Como, Wisconsin based upon a tip that Nelson and others would arrive there within days. 

But as the Nelson approached the house, Metcalfe didn't know he would be walking intoa meet that could cost him his life. Unarmed, he stood on the porch peering into the vehicle of a psychopathic killer.  Winstead was in a upper window with a bead on the vehicle from is rifle but he couldn't see the occupants.  SA McRae had taken the Bureau car to seek out lunch and was not present. 

This document encompasses Winstead's report on what happened, and it also encompasses Metcalfe's 1945 letter to a friend revealing what happened that same day; his later thoughts of his FBI career, and his pursuit of his real passion.  A most compelling document.

Winstead's report was obtained from the Dillinger file at the FBI; Metcalfe's corroborating letter was generously donated to this site by his son, Don Metcalfe.

Both documents in full are combined and shown here.

You can read more about SA Metcalfe by doing a "site search."  Metcalfe would resign from the Bureau during the mid 1930s. 

For a full reading of the report of Supervisor Virgil Petersen on the shooting, go to this link: