Things are a bit different now in contacting me:

This is the Christmas Season of 2018 and heading to the New Year. You can contact me personally and I try to answer you now in about 2-3 days.

Things, however, are slowing down for me because of the harsh battle I’m having with cancer that is getting worse by the week. What I have is not curable but I still try to fight it each day and there’s heavy medication and treatments. Please don’t let this stop you however!

We can discuss any subject in confidence if desired and if your message is a "long story" let us know and include a telephone number if a phone call is more convenient.  

Whatever you do, please ensure you leave an email address or telephone number if you like a call.  You'd be surprised at how many folks don't do this and as a result, we're at a loss to contact them!  

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