Bureau Of Investigation 1908 - 1913

The information found about the first group of Bureau Agents was located in a January, 1954 issue of "The Grapevine," the internal magazine of the Society of Former Special Agents Of The FBI

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While very little is known about most of these Agents who were the first in the Bureau, in 2010 we were able to find Ms. Rita Traub, the daughter of SA Morris D. Traub who served in the Bureau from about 1913 until 1936.  About the article, Ms. Traub noted:

"The names of so many gentlemen on that list are familiar to me.  They used to receive cards at Christmas from my father.  When we were big enough, my sister and I would help him with his list, checking off the names of sent and received.  He'd receive greetings from all around the world.  I very clearly remember Mr. Gregurevich's name.  We used to ask our father why he called so many of them "Mr." while they called him "Morrie," and he said it was because he had met them when he was still a teenager.  By the '30s, however, he was considered one of the oldtimers and was called "Mr." by the new Agents."

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So that search engines can index these names, they are repeated here as taken from the article. You can access the article here.    (courtesy: The Grapevine)

FBI Special Agents (Known as the Bureau Of Investigation at the time):

John Gregurevich, NY

Jack Buckley

Robert "Bob" Dick

Edward J. Brennan

Harry J. Jentzer

William C. Dannenberg

Fred P. Schmid

James L. Bruff

Frank L. Garbarino

George W. Stork

Charles Scully

Walter Furbershaw

Billings Harris

Samuel T. Kay

Forrest C. Pendleton

Murray Blanford

James W. Dillon

Robert S. Judge

Albert H. Pike

A. Bruce Bielaski

Charles Jenkins

Morris Traub