PLEASE READ FIRST:  Due to the volume of information still being correlated, we may have info on a particular person, event, etc. of the 1930s that has yet to be added to our site.  

If your "search" fails, consider emailing us with your questions.  

Research for this site is only targeted for those who served as special agents for the 1930s (or earlier) period.

Many FBI documents contain names of Federal agents and State officers. The regular search engines do not have the capability of scanning actual FBI documents and pulling names from them. In some instances, we've recopied various names from the shorter documents, however it may be necessary to review entire documents to learn the identities of everyone present during an investigation, a raid, arrest etc. 

One other note on names: Ensure you check the group photos and SAC photos for names. Many times the names are on the photo which cannot be grabbed by the search engines.  Where feasible, I've duplicated the names of agents/officers either in the narrative or below the photos so not only search engines can grab them, but they'll also show in a "search site." However, in many instances duplicating names was not possible for one reason or another. 

We do not have biographical information on special agents of other federal agencies of the era. 

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Larry Wack, FBI - Ret.