SAC Colvin, (L kneeling) with agents & detectives. (see our photo gallery with this)The 1933 shootout with Wilbur Underhill and others at Shawnee, Oklahoma is one of the classic interaction cases of the FBI working, in this case, with Oklahoma local lawmen. 

The report of Oklahoma SAC, Ralph Colvin, reveals he arrived at the hideout with: Deputies of the Sheriff's Office at Oklahoma City, lead by W. I. Eades in addition to Oklahoma City Detectives, Clarence Hurt, Micky Ryan, and Delf A. "Jelly" Bryce.  (Hurt and Bryce joined the FBI the following year.)

Agents present with Colvin and others were:  SA's Frank Smith, K. D. Deaderick, Paul Hansen, J. M. Edgar, T. M. Birch, and George H. Franklin.  

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