SAC Ralph Colvin, Oklahoma, was a involved in some of the Bureau's high priority cases in the 30's. You don't hear much about him anymore.

There is a "classic" photo of Colvin and others in our photo section taken after the shootout with Wilbur Underhill at Shawnee, OK in 1933; Thompsons and all!

The FBI's Kansas City Massacre file reveals a letter in June, 1933 from Colvin to Hoover requesting, among other things, more guns for his men, after the massacre. With no steno avail, you can only picture SAC Colvin sitting in some remote office on an old Remington using the "hunt and peck" method of typing to get his message out. Deer hunters will appreciate his use of the word "buck-ague" and most will appreciate the simple realism expressed.

I think most of all, the letter reveals the close relationship that many 1930's SAC's had with Director Hoover.

You can read/download/save Colvin's letter to Hoover and the Director's reply.  Click here.