FBI Firearms Training - 1937


Just some of the unknown men on the 1937 videos. The two motion pictures mentioned here are probably the earliest ones known to exist (that we're aware of) regarding firearms training and in this case about 1937. These were recovered at the FBI's training facility at Quantico, Va. and donated to this site by retired Special Agent, Urey Patrick.  

We don't know who took the motion pictures but the only thing that matters today is that they were preserved. They give us some interesting insight into the weapons being used, the dress on the range, styles of shooting and an overall historical glance into the training of the FBI some eighty years ago.  And you gotta love those straw boaters and other hats of the era!    

The FBI Academy as we know it did not start construction until about 1939, and as a result, it's uncertain if these videos were shot at one of the known surrounding military locations in the Washington, D. C. area or possibly at the Marine base at Quantico, Va.  We have not been able to identify the factory building location you'll see in one video.  

Unfortunately, we have not been able to identify any of the men. 

These videos DO NOT have any sound and the screen size is small for both of them.  They are in .wmv format.  These and other large files are "stored" by us at Mediafire.com and can be downloaded from these links.   


A Video Screen Shot - My personal opinion is this may be SA Clyde Tolson

Video #1 is here

Video #2 is here