No Sense Mincing Words...

SA Fred T. McIntyre 1934  Courtesy FBI

SA Fred T. McIntyre 1934

Courtesy FBI

SA Fred T. McIntyre reported to his first office of Birmingham in 1934. Circa the 1950s, he put together a manuscript covering portions of his career that was never published.  In one section of McIntyre's writing, he reveals the realities of the era and of the men sans the "political correctness."  He wrote: 

“The SAC, John H. Hanson cussed like a trooper and the new agents were scared to death of him. During the second day there came a message over the dictograph from SAC Hanson instructing me to come into his office pronto and bring that “God damned Willie off the Pickle Boat hat.” He meant my Homburg [hat]. When I arrived at his office he instructed that I put on the hat, which I did. "

"He looked me over very carefully, noted the Homburg cocked on the side of my head, gray coat and vest, with the pearl studded fraternity pin of Sigma Delta Kappa flashing.  He saw the black trousers of an Oxford gray suit and pearl gray spats. This was the attire of the day and certainly for one who had been working night clubs [before the Bureau].”

He finally commented, “What are you made up for?”  The SAC continued, “We have a business outfit here and all of our representatives must be attired as young business and professional men and not dressed up like a God damned pimp. ….[Go home] and come back here with an outfit that makes sense. Be dressed in all black or all in gray. And leave off that ‘Willie off the Pickle Boat' hat, those spats and that fraternity pin. Now get going.”

Readers will have to research the origin of the cliche, "Willie Off The Pickle Boat". . .