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Photos & More Of 1930's FBI Agents


Copyright Reminder! 

Content is copyrighted.  Any photos provided to us by FBI families/relatives have been provided for this site only, and permission will be needed to utilize them.  There is no implied or otherwise permission for these family photos to be used for any other reason.  Please be specific in your requests for permission, i. e. what the photo(s) will be used for and which ones are desired.  

To ENLARGE any of the photos, (1) "left" click the photo with your mouse  to single it out onto it's own page.

(2) Then "left" click the photo again for the "light box" enlargement.  (In some rare instances, "enlargement" may not work.)

Photos of Agents may also be elsewhere on this site so ensure you do a "site search" of the name. If you'd like to donate copies of relevant photos for this website, please contact me direct through the email provided in "navigation" column.   If need be, we can scan your photos to make digital images, and return the originals to you.