Happy Holidays - 2017!

Well, we're coming to the Christmas (yes, I said it!) Holiday and the New Year and if nothing else, I just wanted to take a moment to wish all of our followers, contributors, family members and readers the best Holiday Season ever!  

Although we won't get much done in the coming weeks due to our attention being grabbed in the Holiday direction with family and friends, we will be continuing to work with several FBI families at the start of 2018. We are slowly receiving submissions from them in the form of old photos, news clippings, written notes and more regarding their father's and/or grandfather's days in the 1930s era of the FBI. My job in examining the items is to figure out what to place, and where to place it, on our website for others to enjoy.  Along these same lines, it's important in examining these items with a view to determining if there's a separate story to be told, or something behind the scenes that needs mentioning relative to the historical nature of the items involved.  

We're also working with a few independent authors of sorts in making sure their informative articles of the 1930s FBI are posted here for benefit of all. We have a handful of those still waiting review.  

Last but not least, hopefully 2018 will bring delivery of a few Freedom Of Information files from the Bureau that we've been waiting on for nearly two years!  Hopefully, they'll be some great "nuggets" of FBI history, related to the era, within those files.  If so, you can be assured you'll see it all here!  

So with that, we bid you good tidings and a happy and healthy New Year for 2018!  


Larry Wack, FBI (Ret.)