All Sorts Of Additions and More!

All Sorts Of Additions and More!

Returning readers might recall that in the past, new items were placed in this section for a period of time, and then finally moved to the appropriate area on the site. Well ...too much moving around, changing and redoing links and I felt like I was sitting at the local fair, moving one of those fuzzy peas in and out of three walnut shells!   

This page will now give you an idea of changes made so you don't have to start searching the entire site to see if you missed something of interest.  Plus I don't have to play any shell games anymore!   You can now go right to the link where the item added will remain on the site!

What we're going to do is create a simple "listing" of ongoing and recent changes which have occurred. The writings, documents, photos or whatever will be planted at their permanent site locations and all you have to do to follow one link to see them!

Next time you stop by our site, just visit this page to see if you missed anything of significance...

Hope you find this new approach helpful! 

May, 2017

We are permanently moving residence from the Buffalo, NY area to Danville, Kentucky and right now we're scheduled to leave May 2, 2017. Needless to say, we're not going to accomplish much on this site during the move, and settling in on the other end. That includes finding a new Internet service since Verizon is not in Danville. Bear with us on this one and suffice it to say that it might take me a while to get back to you if you email me during this period. 


April, 2017


Changes/Additions late 2016 Into Early 2017

  • The G-Men Blog contains regular additions of opinion and historical blips that we add on a regular basis so don't forget to stop by there for some short, historical look at the menu for the day. Feel free to make comments but please keep them civil! (We do not sell or give-away email or other data)
  • For those wanting to know, in the section on "Machine Gun" Kelly, we've added a link to a post retirement interview of SA Charles Winstead who provided the names of Ft. Worth and Dallas police officers present at the raid on the Shannon farm in search of those involved in the Urschel kidnapping.
  • Two group photos of the "old timers" added to our page including the first National Academy class of 1935.
  • Check the section on FBI "hard cases" for weapons to see the confusion surrounding the Kansas City Trunk Company. 
  • We moved the page about Eliot Ness and the "Untouchables" to an independent link of it's own in the navigation due to the apparent interest by readers on the subject.  
  • 1935 instructions to the field on the issue of weapons inventory problems.
  • Author Brian Hunt's article on the George Weyerhaeuser child kidnapping of 1935 has been added to the "Related Articles and Links"! We've been assisting Brian in his endeavors to produce another book, this time on the legendary SAC, E. J. Connelley. Stay tuned for the release notes. 
  • We are currently working on a new page or site link that will make available information on newly released books of the Bureau's 1930s era. 
  • An interesting letter surfaces from Director Hoover to his good friend, Courtney Riley Cooper's wife. The letter is revealing in Hoover's emotions over the depression that Cooper appears to be suffering. Cooper helped shape the Bureau's image during the early years...
  • An interesting photo of the Special Agents In Charge at firearms training, Quantico, Va in 1935 has been added.
  • A new photo of "Jelly" Bryce in our photo section courtesy a reader
  • A revision of our article "The Myth Of The 1934 Crime Bill And FBI Weaponry"  Find out what the Crime Bill really changed. 
  • A couple of more bios placed at the biography section of this site.